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    1.   At present, campus network can access to education network and public network, thus, more exports cause complicated network structure, and management difficulty. Have you forgotten to update routing table and caused abnormal international flow? Have you troubled by management of complex network equipments of router, firewall, flow control and others?

      The feature of the solution:
      1, education network routing table updating autonomously
      2, multi-export link load balance
      3, high performance, comprehensive traffic analysis and control
       4,combined with a high performance firewall audit function and traffic safety
      5, big band under flow audit function is our prominent characteristic
      6, based on the strategy and users,  broadband and concurrent session number control
      7, the powerful L7 application layer analysis and recognition, can identify and monitor the mainstream P2P / IM application
      8, the detailed flow logging, open log analysis interface, support third party log analysis and development complying with the same industry characteristics.

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