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    1. EMN© Smart DNS system

      Large enterprise
      Telecommunications backbone
          EMN© Smart DNS system, which is researched and developed exclusively by Trying technology, is a dedicated DNS resolution Server System. With embedded Linux operating system, optimizing programming for dedicated hardware, implementing of web-based management approach, the Products are high efficiency, high reliability, ease of management of DNS network devices, EMN Smart DNS system is widely used in schools, Government, enterprise and web portals, etc.
          EMN© Smart DNS system provides a lot of functions such as multiple line management, multiple domain management, domain name resolution record, server monitoring and alerting, multiple link access and server load balancing, user management, complete journal features such as auditors.
          EMN© Smart DNS system??mainly used for??
             Effectively improve the speed from the external access network the Web, FTP, OA,, MAIL, and other applications
             Effective solution to the internal application server multi ISP mirroring function, without increasing the other servers
             Effective positioning abnormal DNS attacks the source and object
             Effectively specify the domain name filtering / redirection feature
      The perfect combination of professional industrial-grade hardware with special optimized embedded operating system, able to provide more stable service;
      Web management model of the entire Chinese and HTTPS encrypted data transmission, you can make configuration changes through the network, a more convenient mode of management;
      Redundancy protection for multi-line, line failure, automatically switching time protection resolution service safe and reliable;
      Support for multiple ISP area, configuration and modification of a variety of record types and multiple host domains;
      Support services to resolve site host downtime monitoring and alarm failure automatically switches to the standby system that greatly improves the usability of Web sites;
      Provide their own firewall, DDoS attack protection, and system monitoring functions to construct a more robust security system;
      Support a pure IPv4, pure IPv6, and IPv6 / the IPv4 mixed environment, extends the application environment of the system, leaving the scalability for future network development;
      Provide multi-level administrators and domain management rights delegated to substantially reduce the administrative burden of maintenance personnel;
      Support for the history of IP, domain and analytical type of access reporting system, provide a sound statistical analysis;
      Support backup and restore of configuration information, and improve the security of user data.
      Complete DNS running log, a retrospective of historical events.
          EMN© Smart DNS system, the location in the network in the server region, the same as the user's original DNS server location, you can replace the original DNS server to be deployed.

      Typical deployment patterns
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