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    1.   Gansu Cuiying Information Technology co., Ltd.(Trying Technology) ,which is established in 2004, is a high-performance IP network solution provider, a high-tech enterprise specializing in software and hardware development, network systems integration, IT outsourcing.

          Trying Technology, based on a deep understanding of information technology, education and industry, with a wealth of embedded development experience, meet customer needs with many domestic famous university cooperation, developed with independent intellectual property rights, to keep the the EMN brand leader in science and technology in the industryseries of hardware and software products, including the USG multi-function security gateway, intelligent DNS, the ASG applications to accelerate the gateway, INS intelligent network management system, etc.. These products in the domestic industry's wide and user wide acclaim.
          Company in Beijing, North China and other places have established offices and service agencies, to provide customers with timely and effective service and technical support.
          Grasp the opportunity, the creation of the brand of "innovation, established enterprise technology, Customer First, service" as the concept of corporate culture, to create a boutique industry, sincere dedication service.
      Provision of services
          Purpose Trying Technology relying on technology for establishing enterprises of the service of survival. We mention intelligent DNS for customers, the ASG application acceleration Gateway WEB firewall, online behavior management, customized and intelligent network management system network products; combination products provide users with a multi-ISP export solutions, web application acceleration program protection programs; provide hosting, virtual dedicated server, CND network rental services, IT outsourcing services and other Internet services.
      Corporate purposes
          Innovation, established enterprise technology, the user first, heart services
      Corporate philosophy
          Let the network become easy to use, easy to manage, easy to control!

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